Stamped Concrete Houston TX

Stamped Concrete Houston TX

Stamped concrete has become a prevalent choice for homeowners as well as commercial property owners. This style of beautiful concrete involves a process of stamping wet concrete to achieve the desired style/aesthetic. It is extremely versatile and customizable to your exact preferences. If you are on the hunt for the concrete contractors Houston TX locals depend on, you are at the right place!


    Best Concrete Stamps for The Perfect Concrete Exterior

    The stamped concrete process is one of the most intelligent and innovative advancements that is used for the patios floor, driveways, sidewalks, and car porch. It is a flooring system that gets completed with minimal effort. In fact, you can DIY concrete stamps on your floor too. 

    Stamped concrete decoration just not makes the floor strengthen but also provides with pleasing appearance. Generally, it is a good idea for landscaping where interlocks and costly granites in landscaping patios get used. Stamped concrete has the ability to stay upright

    However, for your quality results, you always need someone professional to complete your stamped concrete process. Houston Concrete Solutions is the one you should consider to assure you the best concrete stamps for patio to create the most aesthetic style possible. 

    Features of Best Concrete Stamps

    There are a lot of features of stamp concrete that make it the ultimate choice for your patio. Take a look below at how Houston Concrete Experts enrich your patio with. Here are the features. 

    • Several Color Options
      Best concrete stamps come in a wide variety of colors. You can consider it according to your patio pattern and your preference
    • Stamp Concrete Price

      This is its best feature that stamp concrete price is low, and this increases its usage. Everyone knows how beautiful and attractive it looks, and its low cost makes it a priority choice for most people. 

    • Strength and Practical
      Concrete is perfect to choose for creating an affordable replica of several expensive models. It is because of its high strength and practicality
    • Natural Look
      Best concrete stamps for patio has a super natural look that makes the whole space look more attractive and pleasing
    • Variations

      Stamp concrete offers you a variation to choose from stains and patterns. It is recommended to go for both in a combination to match it with other floorings in your home space. 

      We at Houston Concrete Solutions take consideration of these features and make the most out of it. 

    best concrete stamps for patio

    Stamped Concrete Process in Detail

    The installation of stamped concrete involves some steps. It is a bit different from other concrete procedures. Take a look below; here are its methods explained. 

    1. Base Color Addition:

    The primary color in the construction of stamped concrete flooring is the base color. The selection of base color should be suitable for the natural color of the building. Also, the base color should have a connection with the stones in the nearby space. 

    There is a color hardener that is added to the concrete that gives it the base color. The color hardener for base color is a powder kind of material. 

    2. Accent Color Addition:

    Accent color is the secondary color for stamped concrete. It is added to produce texture and the rest building material. The accent color is produced by the application of color release of the concrete. 

    The usage of color release in the stamped concrete has its reason. The reasons are; color release is used for coloring the concrete, and it is a great help to prevent the stamps from sticking to the concrete after the pattern has completed. 

    You will find color release in two forms, liquid or powder. The application method differs according to the product form. 

    The liquid color release gets sprayed on the concrete surface as it’s an aromatic based solvent. Besides this, the powder color release gets applied by pouring it on the concrete surface before stamping. 

    Stamping Patterns Over The Concrete

    The stamped concrete patterns are actually the shape of a stamp placed on it. Those patterns are the shape reflection of similar natural building material. 

    After the time concrete has been poured and leveled, it gets into the process of imprinting. Imprinting carries out using a concrete stamp. The most modern and latest concrete stamps are made up of polyurethane material. 

    To make patterns on the stamped concrete by using a concrete stamp is said to be concrete stamping. It only gets done as the color release is applied to the concrete. In the beginning the concrete stamps get into the wet concrete layer and then get removed. It is to left the pattern over the concrete. 

    What Does Stamped Concrete Cost ?

    On average, the stamp concrete price around $8 to $12 per square foot. However, projects can be expensive according to customer’s preferences at $18 per square foot or more—stamped concrete gets priced according to the labor, material, and work complexity. 

    However, at Houston Concrete Experts, we assure you of high-quality work at affordable rates. This will let you enjoy the aesthetics with our best concrete stamps for patio

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    Q1. What is the concrete stamp made from?

    Polyurethane is the widely used material for concrete rolling stamps. The older materials were several and look similar to metal.

    Q2. How do I care for my concrete stamp ?

    There are some certain points you need to keep in mind. DIY stamp concrete makes caring easy for you. 

      • Never make use of a pressure washer for cleaning stamped concrete. 
      • Using a gentle cleaner for stamp concrete is a great option.
      • A garden hose is a great thing to rinse your concrete rolling stamps.
      • After every 18 to 24 months, make sure to reseal your concrete stamps. 

    Q3. How long will my concrete stamping last?

    With proper installation and accurately maintained, the stamped concrete has the ability to last for almost 25 years.