Concrete Retaining Walls Houston TX

Decorative & Functional Retaining Walls

A concrete block retaining wall is the perfect solution to eliminate slopes, keep erosion under control, create a plant bed, or level an area for a patio. Our retaining walls are sturdy, durable, and can outlast all weather conditions. Similar to a solid divider, once the retaining wall is established, the divider becomes a long lasting construction.


    Wall Retaining – Things You Should Know About

    Retaining walls are something innovative in the landscape. It is decorative and functional, both at the same time. The purpose behind retaining walls is to stabilize the sloping ground and not let it erode or crumble. It is one of the most integral parts of any space. However, it can be stunning with the use of some decorative ornamental materials. 

    If you also want your retaining wall to be eye-catching and, beautiful professional local retaining wall builders can for sure, help you. Besides this, you want to install a retaining wall design, then Houston concrete experts are worthy to check-on. 

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    Types of Retaining Walls

    Retaining walls are an essential part of landscaping. Retaining walls play an important role in landscaping. Normally, they are made from solid, and situ concrete, significant timber, and masonry block walls. Retaining wall installers ask you the type before beginning your work. Take a look below, mentioning some of the types of retaining walls.
    • Panel walls
    • Concrete block walls
    • Earth walls
    • Gravity holding walls
    • Stilt walls

    Retaining wall installers can help you more to assess which type of retaining wall is suitable for you. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What are the benefits of a retaining wall for my home?

    There are a lot of benefits of a retaining wall for my home. Some of those are

    • Get rid of erosion
    • Adds more spaces to your property
    • Boosts the look of your home
    • Increase the value of property

    Q2. What is the cheapest type of retaining wall?

    Retaining a wall made from treated pine is the cheapest option you can go for. 

    Q3. How tall can I build a retaining wall?

    The retaining wall can be created approximately 4 feet taller.