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Do you have a sinking, cracking, or sloping concrete structure? At Houston Concrete Experts, we provide quick and reliable options for repairing or leveling your concrete sidewalks, driveways, or concrete slabs! Our professionals can lift or level concrete without the high costs of replacement!


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    The concrete leveling is simply a process to level concrete, and it is also known as mudjacking. This process allows for reshaping the uneven concrete to its original shape without using new concrete. 

    How Concrete Leveling With Mudjacking Works ?

    Do you have any cracked or sloped concrete structures?
    Come to Houston Concrete Solution as we have the best concrete levelers

    Mudjacking includes everything to jack inside like slab jacking, slab leveling, concrete lifting, etc. To get your work done with perfection and professionalism, you need to get in touch with the best concrete levelers

    Why You Need Concrete Levelers?

    Uneven concrete can cause many issues in your space. It will be wholly uncomfortable as broken edges of the area create problems. In fact, it could be a hazard for you as you never know when it will completely fall. 

    Some Other Reasons You Need Concrete Levelers:

    • Uneven concrete is awful and disturbs the entire look of the area.
    • Broken concrete surface corners are a void in the way. 
    • It could be dangerous for you. 
    • Potential possibility of trip and fall injury.
    • There is also a risk of drainage issues. 

    So these are just some issues you can face if you have a broken concrete surface. Houston concrete solutions are always at your ease to serve you with quality leveling services. 

    If you live in Houston and need leveling services, then simply search for concrete leveling companies near me to get the best services possible. However, we recommend you to come to us as we are credible and responsible for getting your work done on time with commitment. 

    How Can Concrete Leveling Fix a Damage Slab?

    Concrete slab leveling is super quick and mess-free repair. We have skillful and proficient experts who help you with this. In fact, our professionals also tell the clients about their surface and space that how much it is going to last, and what they should do. This is a great help for them to get to know about their concrete surface.

    Here are the steps we do to the concrete level a damaged slab

    1. To detect the voids inside the soil, we use ground absorbing radar inside the damaged slab. As a result of this, our expert contractor drills many small holes through the concrete. 

    2. Secondly, we attach the hydraulic pump; then, the worker shoots a slurry made from cement down inside each hole. This is to fill up all the underlying soil voids and ends up creating pressure. This is what stabilizes the slab and restore it to its original shape and leveled position. 

    3. Finally, the drilled holes and cracks in the slab get sealed with caulk. 

    This is a process that needs some professional experts in the field. Searching for concrete levelers in my area can make you connect to us as we are highly qualified for the job. 

    Self-Leveling Concrete Flooring System:

    Self-leveling concrete is polymer-modified cement that equips a high flow of characteristics. In comparison to traditional concrete, it does not requires a lot of water for placement. Typically, it is used for the creation of flat and smooth surfaces like the floor as it requires compressive strength. 

    Our expert makes a fine and flowable mixture for a self-leveling concrete flooring system and then uses a gauge rake to spread it on the surface with appropriate thickness. We raise the height of flooring to cope up with floor vents, door jams, and stairs. All the damaged and hideous surfaces will look new and even after the application of self-leveling concrete. 

    Here at Houston Concrete Experts, we offer you a wide variety of practical designing options for your flooring. Another of its feature is that it is cheap concrete floor leveling that becomes more affordable and adorable with Houston concrete experts. 

    Leveling Concrete Floors with a Colored Overlay

    Old or new, now no one should have simple concrete floors in their home. The Houston concrete solutions offer you cheap concrete floor leveling with colored overlay. We consider your preference and choice for stamped patterns epoxy, polishes, or concrete colored overlay. This will surely make your house or commercial space that is aesthetic and eye-catching. 

    A colored overlay gets installed by the application of a high polymer-modified concrete coat on the existing floor. After this, the pattern gets tap with grout tape, and then the second layer gets pour. As the floor gets nearly dry, we remove the grout take with grout line impressions left behind. According to your choice, you can ask us to add color to the lines. This will give your space a detailed two-dimensional effect. 

    For sure, these efforts for your flooring will end up looking super classy, aesthetic, and beautiful. 

    If you want this, then come to us by searching for the best concrete levelers in my area in Houston. 

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. Does concrete leveling really work?

    Yes, it always works. It is also known as slabjacking or mudjakcing and has been used to repair concrete since 1930. 

    Q2. How long do concrete leveling repairs hold up?

    If you got your concrete leveling from skilled professionals who clearly know their work, it could last around 5 to 7 years after the construction or after soil conditions change.

    Q3. How is concrete leveling so affordable?

    Concrete leveling is half the price of pouring new concrete to your surfaces. It is affordable because the job of leveling is relatively simpler and straight than replacement. Most of the content leveling companies near mecan complete your work reasonably. 

    Concrete Leveling Quote

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